Healthcare Management Solutions LLC

Financial Management:

  • Provides interim staffing (CFO, Controller, Director Reimbursement)
  • Oversees or assists with financial statement preparation
  • Develops financial projections and monitoring tools
  • Develops operational and capital budgets as well as monitoring tools
  • Prepares third party rate analysis
  • Oversees or prepares Medicare and State cost reports

Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Interim Staffing (Director, Manager)
  • Revenue Cycle Management or Project Management
  • Workflow redesign to maximize productivity
  • Improve cash collections and reduce denials
  • Maximize information system performance
  • Education and Training


  • Educate board of trustees on Compliance
  • Educate management and staff on Compliance and high risk areas
  • Develop compliance plan
  • Provide interim staffing (Compliance Officer, Compliance Auditor)
  • Perform Compliance Audits

Computer Conversions:

  • Assist with evaluation of RFP
  • Provides computer implementation leadership
  • Provides project management

Operational Management:

  • Develops workflow redesign
  • Perform Compliance audits
  • Develop revenue audits to ensure charge capture and compliance

Health System Integration:

  • Evaluate structures of governance and leadership
  • Assist with restructure of governance and leadership
  • Develop operational integration design

Strategic Planning:

  • Facilitate strategic planning and development
  • Develop business plans for new or expanded services
  • Facilitate merger and acquisition planning and analysis
  • Develop product line analysis and monitoring
  • Prepare certificate of Need applications